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Wholesale Soap Loaves

wholesale soap loaves

Delish Soap provides loaves of soap for wholesale, or individual bars cut to your specifications.

Loaves are £12 per kilo. You can make ten 100g bars from one loaf.

Minimum purchase is £50.

We supply soap in long loaves allowing you to cut a slice off for your customer. Selling at £2.40 per 100g you can double your profit on one kilo loaf of soap.

Parcels are delivered by Royal Mail.

Selling handmade soap in the right setting can be highly profitable, we find a well thought out display works wonders. A display of colourful loaves creates an exciting experience of colour and scent and being a fast selling item it makes sense to have a number of loaves, arranged into an attractive display helping increase your sales

The act of cutting a customers soap front them is a novel way of selling and ensures the customer knows that the soap is fresh and handmade.

Delish Soap prides itself on being the most innovative and competitively priced soap loaf supplier in the UK. By constantly introducing fresh, new designs, we always have something new and exciting available.

Bars of delish soap makes great gifts, handmade soap is a unique, interesting and useful gift.

By only producing small batches of loaves, we can ensure that a high level of quality control is implemented.

Delish Soap is mild and moisturizing, containing no animal products, unlike most commercial soaps. None of our products are tested on animals, they are tested on ourselves with great pleasure.

Our soaps contain wonderful natural additives, such as cocoa butter, avocado oil, shea butter, goats milk, olive oil, sweet almond oil, honey, chocolate, etc.

No preservatives are added to the soaps, although they last indefinitely, the fragrance and colour will fade over a period of time.

Orders are usually turned around with 3 to 4 days, depending on stock level. Customised orders take a little longer.

Call 01209844910 or email for more information.


Handmade Soap Wholesale

We can supply whole soap loaves or pre packaged slices.

Handmade in Cornwall. We already supply wholesale soap to a number of Cornish retail outlets.