Bop It! XT: Learn and Have Fun at the Same Time

Bop It! XT
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It is truly difficult to look for a toy or a game that combines learning and having fun. Some toys are merely designed for entertainment purposes, which will not really benefit your children in terms of their learning abilities. On the other hand, some educational toys are just too serious and boring, which may not appeal to young children. However, you really do not need to worry because there is a toy franchise that combines learning and fun in a single toy. Bop It toys have become very popular in the industry because of their exciting but highly skilled activities. These toys are a collection of audio games that are designed to test the mental abilities of different players. Bop It audio games involve following directions at very fast intervals and pace. A player needs to listen to the actual commands that are released through the speakers of the toy. The Bop It toy series have been considered to be the most popular games in the market. They have actually enjoyed commercial success for a few years now because of their ability to provide excitement while honing one’s mental skills.

Bop It Extreme 2
The game is actually very easy because it simply involves following the instructions spoken by the game. For instance, if a player hears the Bop It instruction, then he would need to press the button within the unit. If the instruction says Twist It, a player simply needs to use the twistable lever that is incorporated in the toy. Pull It simply means pulling the handle of the actual toy. This might sound very simple to adults, but it is actually perfect for very young kids. The game is also made more exciting because the instructions will eventually become faster and faster. Therefore, players will need to follow the instructions quickly in order to keep up with the game.
Bop-It! Bounce
The Bop It! XT is one of the newest versions of the original game that has been released in 2011. One of the best features shown in the Bop It! XT is the Shake It command that is similar to those apps from iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The Bop It! XT has 4 difficulty levels, including the Novice level that uses simple voice commands. The Expert level involves a few sound effects to add more excitement to the game, while the Master level involves calling out new color commands. The last difficulty level is the Pro level, which involves 100 sets of three commands to complete the entire game. This game has also captured a wide range of audiences because it involves unlocking different levels for new challenges. Therefore, your kids will not be bored with the game because they actually get to experience different instructions and rules as they unlock more difficult levels. Plus, your kids do not even realize that they are already honing their mental skills by following the instructions of the Bop It commands. This game also stimulates and boosts the quick-thinking skills of young kids because they would need to do all of the instructions quickly to keep going.
Bop It! XT

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