Gator Golf: A Game For All Ages

These days, it is essential for parents to look after their child not only in terms of what the child basically needs physically but also in terms of what the child needs in order to develop and mature intellectually. In the early stages, a child requires all that he can get in order to develop into a more intellectual person. He needs to learn to speak as well as communicate well with everything that surrounds him. The good thing about today is that there are countless things that a child can have that truly boosts his skills and other learning potential. Nowadays, games and toys are not only meant for a child’s enjoyment and fun but they are also designed and created to enhance a child’s particular skills. Gator Golf is one of these games and toys.

Most adults love to play golf. It is relaxing as well as it enhances a person’s focus and determination. However, most kids do not want to spend so much time on activities that can enhance their focus and determination. The reason thereof is that most of these activities are usually slow paced. Kids, on the other hand, love to do activities that require excessive energy. They want to run. They are so energetic that they need to be handed with strenuous activities. Gator Golf is actually a game that enhances the child’s skills. In addition, it is also a kind of game that brings more enjoyment and excitement especially for two years old and above young kids.

The game is actually the same as the sports itself. It has the same mechanics. The player hits the ball. However, this game is so much fun since the items used are truly intended for young children. The gator serves as the hole and the children must place the golf ball into the gator’s mouth in order to win the game. The game may sound ordinary but actually it is not that common and usual. Instead, they are certain surprises that the game provides. For instance, once the gator gobbles the golf ball, the ball then returns by to the player. The reason for this is that the gator’s tail actually hits and returns it. Hence, the young kids will surely not get bored of the game. It is truly exciting and fun as it is.

Gator Golf is not only intended for young kids. It can also be played with adults. Thus, both the young kids and adults can surely play the game. They can play it indoor or outdoor, whichever they like and prefer. The game does not actually take up too much space. Instead, it only needs a little or small portion of area in order to be played and enjoyed. Once the parents join in, the game will surely be a more exciting and fun activity for the family. Hence, the game can even provide a venue for families to spend quality time or bonding time with each other. This game is truly a mini golf game for all ages.

Choosing The Right Baby Toddler Toys

Since there are millions of toys you can choose from, choosing the right baby toddler toys is still very significant. Remember that toys are suppose to be fun and are considered to be an important part of any child’s development. For one, choking is a particular risk for kids ages 3 and below. This is because they tend to put objects in their mouths. Although manufacturers follow certain guidelines and label most new toys for specific age groups, risks are still presents. But perhaps the most important thing a parent should do is supervise their kid’s playing time. So, what must you consider when going toy-shopping? First, toys that are made of fabric should then be labeled as flame retardant or flame resistant. Take note that stuffed toys are washable. If you wish to buy your kids painted toys, you should bear in mind that they should be covered with lead-free paint. If purchasing art materials, remember that they should say nontoxic. As for crayons and paints, they should say ASTM D-4236 on the package. This means that they have been evaluated by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

When choosing baby toddler toys, you must then read the packaging label and instructions. You must select toys that are of the appropriate age group for your child. Remember to read the instructions carefully and must focus on warning statements. Just in case you are confident that your child is no longer mouthing things, you can then offer him a toy labeled as unsuitable for age 0 to 3 years old. But then again, you must supervise him closely during his play. Second, you must check the manufacturer’s safety standards and policies. Remember that both large and small brand name may actually produce toys subject to recall. It is important that you take some time to read the manufacturer’s safety policies on its website. Read carefully the instruction for you to be able to find safety tests certifications. Using the toilet roll tube test is beneficial. If the toy can actually fit into a toilet roll tube, then it is too small and may pose a choking hazard for young children. You must also be cautious of small parts. Any ideal toy should not have any detachable small part such as the eyes, buttons of a teddy bear and its nose. Stuffed toys should also not contain beans and pellets which can be hazardous when the toy is torn. Be watchful of the wheels of some toy cars for they may come off during a play. This may pose a choking risk to your children.

Another thing you have to consider when choosing the right baby toddler toys is avoiding ones with cords and strings. Cords and strings do pose a strangulation hazard to toddlers. This is because many children do love to warp these cords around their necks. For those pull-string toys, you can choose to tie a dead-knot to significantly shorten the strings.