Guess Who Extra: A Classic Game for All Ages

Customers are always on the lookout for classic games that the entire family will enjoy. With the many options in the market, one will truly have a difficult time looking for the most suitable game. Especially if you are looking for a gift, you should make sure to check out all of the available options to find a truly great game that will be loved by the recipient. If you are talking about a classic game that the entire family will love, the Guess Who Extra always comes into mind. But what is this kind of game and what benefits does it provide to its users? Why is this game very popular among hundreds of customers around the world? What are the reasons why this game has withstood the tests of time? There are truly a lot of questions surrounding the Guess Who Extra because the game has managed to land on top of the bestselling lists for several decades now. Here is a detailed look at how this game captured the attention of a wide range of audience worldwide.

The Guess Who game was initially created in Great Britain in 1979. It was eventually released in the United States in 1982 to cater to a wider audience. After a few years, it was also featured in several countries around the world due to its rising popularity. The original Guess Who game is actually a guessing game that involves 2 players. The board includes the cartoon images of 24 different people with their first names. At the start of the game, a player will select a card from a separate pile of cards that contains the same 24 images. The main object of the game is to determine the card that the other player has selected. The players will be asking alternate yes or no questions to be able to eliminate the possible candidates. A player must make sure to ask intelligent and well-positioned questions in order to make an intelligent guess.

The Guess Who Extra actually has the same guessing mechanism, except that it provides extra faces and a whole lot of extra fun. With the hyped up version of the game, this extra edition will definitely keep you playing and guessing for several hours. The newest edition of the Guess Who classic game has 4 different ways of playing and 144 mystery faces that you can choose from. With the different options available, a player will definitely have a hard time eliminating through the range of faces within the game. This board game also has additional features such as a timer, sounds and lights for more excitement and fun. It has a very clever and advanced design that allows users to handle it more easily and freely. A lot of customers actually love this newer version because it truly provides a different kind of excitement. Since the design of this game actually resembles an electronic laptop or notebook, players can easily adjust the position according to their preferences. You will also be able to fold and store the unit quickly and easily once the game is over. So try the extra edition if you want to spend countless hours of fun and excitement.