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Space Marine Tactical Squads are a brilliant way to build your Space Marine army around. Solid, dependable and capable of tackling a variety of foes, the Space Marine Tactical Squads are the backbone to any serious Space Marine Army.

This box set contains enough parts to assemble a full Space Marine Tactical Squad of 10 models.

Models are supplied unpainted, and some preparatory work may be required as well as assembl

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LEGO Super Heroes 76019: Marvel 1

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Launch into battle against the Sakaaran’s Necrocraft in the awesome Starblaster and help Star-Lord to escape with the orb! Place the Nova officer in the cockpit and launch into the sky. Fold back the wings for high-speed pursuit mode and then flip them up to activate arrest mode. Use the space blasters and boot thrusters of Star-Lord to outwit the enemy and protect the priceless orb! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Star-Lord, the Sakaaran and a Nova officer.

A Look Into the Nerf N-Strike Clip System Dart Pack

Toy brands and manufacturers have truly outdone themselves with the types of toys and games available in the industry. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your children, you will surely have an overwhelming time looking through the different models and units. But when it comes to creating great and exciting toys, Nerf always lands on top of the list. Nerf is actually a toy brand that is currently owned by Hasbro. This was originally created by the Parker Brothers using Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. Nerf has a lot of different toys and games, especially those that are used for play weapons. The most popular toys from the Nerf brand include the blasters or the dart guns that shoot ammunition that are made of foam. This is actually not dangerous because the foam cannot harm or cause danger to young kids. Aside from the ammunition games, Nerf has also released some ball products that can be used for playing basketball, football and other ball games. However, Nerf is highly known for its toy weapons because of their safety and protective foam materials.

Parents might have a few reservations about Nerf ammunition because children might only end up hurting themselves. But there is really no need to worry because Nerf foam is made of a spongy material. This material also has a lot of open pockets within its structure, which makes it even lighter and softer. Therefore, even if the foam ammunition hits you in the face, you will not feel any kind of pain or pressure.

The Nerf Blaster is one of the most popular toy collections from this brand, which has captured a lot of loyal customers around the world. Nerf Blasters are toy guns that are used to shoot foam darts. Your kids will surely have a lot of fun playing with these toy weapons because they are safe and will not cause any type of pain or damage. If your kids currently have their own Nerf Blasters and need more ammunition, then you should definitely purchase the Nerf N-Strike Clip System Dart Pack. The Nerf N-Strike Clip System Dart Pack is perfect for the Nerf Blasters because of their high flying and high performance blasting mechanisms. Your kids will definitely get their war games going since the Nerf N-Strike Clip System Dart Pack features 36 darts. These darts are also compatible for the following blasters: Nerf Longshot CS-6, N-Strike Recon CS-6 and the Raider CS-35. With the added ammunition, there is no need to stop or pause the game every now and then just to get those darts and reload the guns. This will surely get your kids’ stamina and agility going with the fun and exciting weaponry games provided by the Nerf collection.

Based on several customer ratings and testimonials, you will surely see that the Nerf system is truly worth the money and the effort. So if you want your kids to have a lot of fun shooting and playing with their friends, make sure to get added ammunition and power with the Nerf N-Strike Dart pack.

Sylvanian Families The Caravan and Family Car: A Wonderful Addition to Your Collection

There are a lot of different toy characters in the market that have captured the attention of millions of customers worldwide. But nothing compares to the popularity enjoyed by the Sylvanian Families. For those who are not familiar with the name, the Sylvanian Families are actually a line of toy collectibles, plastic figures and video games that were created by Epoch. Epoch is a Japanese company that started the Sylvanian craze in the year 1985. Some of the figures featured in the Sylvanian Families line include mice, rabbits, bears, hedgehogs, beavers, cats, dogs, monkeys, and a whole lot more. Although this was originally released and created in Japan, it managed to capture the attention of other countries that made it even more popular. This led to an increase in the global demand, especially in the 1990s. However, this toy line is making a comeback because it has also caught the attention of the newer generation.

With the high demand for Sylvanian Families, the toy line has been expanded into an animated series. The animated series were shown in different parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, France and other parts of Europe. Although Sylvanian Families was eventually distributed by various companies, it still managed to stay afloat and draw a lot of loyal customers in the process. Although the animated series is no longer available for public viewing, the popularity of Sylvanian Families have spurned into toy collectibles and figures. In fact, the Sylvanian Families toy collection is still one of the most sought after collectibles in the industry.

One of the latest releases by the toy collection is the Sylvanian Families The Caravan and Family Car. This product is especially designed for children ages 4 years old and up. It includes over 30 different accessories that will surely stimulate your children with role play. Children will be able to create a wonderful and comfortable home while traveling around the imaginary world of Sylvania. The Sylvanian Families The Caravan and Family Car kit includes an amazing kitchen that comes with a seating area. The kitchen features a folding ironing board that can be extended and folded back when not in use. It also features a seating area that can be turned into a large sofa bed. It even comes with a show room, lavatory, bathroom and storage area to complete the travel fun. In addition, the caravan roof also features 2 single beds that can be extended. Your children will truly have a lot of fun towing the caravan, with the use of the Sylvanian characters and figures. The car also comes with baby seats to make the experience more realistic and detailed.

The Sylvanian Families The Caravan and Family Car is truly a great addition to your kids’ collection. These figures and accessories are also highly durable, so you do not need to worry about wear and tear. In fact, most of the Sylvanian Families toy collections can withstand the tests of time, and can be passed from one generation to another. This toy collection has definitely become a classic, which will probably stay in the market for a long while.