Hornby Train List


Hornby R1167 Flying Scotsman 00 Gauge Electric Train Set

Hornby Train sets
R1139 Blue Rapier train set with 3-car Class 395
R1144 LMS Night Mail OO Gauge Electric Train Set
R1073 Orient Express Boxed Set Digital Train Set
R1121 Devon Flyer 00 Gauge Train Set
R1071 Eurostar 00 Gauge Train Set
R1126 Mixed Freight 00 Gauge Digital (DCC) Train Set
R1151 Caledonian Belle trainset
R1153 London 2012 trainset with 3 car Hitachi Javelin in London 2012 Olympics
R1155 Virgin Trains Pendolino 00 Gauge
R1160 The Cornishman DCC GWR Castle Class locomotive “Kenilworth Castle”
R1097 East Coast Pullman Electric Train Set – DCC Set
R9271 Thomas & Friends passenger Train Set
R1072 Flying Scotsman 00 Gauge Train Set
R1085 “Local Freight” complete starter train set
R1124 Cornish Pullman analogue control
R1137 Midland Star Trainset with 0-4-0 steam loco, rolling stock and track mat
R1070 Goods Master Train Set
R1106k The Royal Train Premier Boxed Set
R1122 Eastern Valleys Express Electric Train Set
R9260 Hornby Thomas & The Great Discovery Train Set
R9682 Hornby Percy & The Mail Train Set
R1152 The Flying Scotsman Train Set
R9280 Hornby Thomas Train Set
R1125 Somerset Belle Train Set
R1148 Hitachi 395 London 2012 Train Set
Train Packs
R2979 Hornby West Coast Railways Pullman
R2985 Hornby Duchess At Carlisle Train Pack
R3059 Tornado Express Train Pack
R2888M LNER Flying Scotsman Train Pack
R2953 Flying Scotsman USA Tour 1969 Train Pack
R2906 Hornby Rare Bird Train Pack
R2908 Fireworks at Chilcompton’ Train Pack
R2985 Duchess At Carlisle Train Pack
R2979 West Coast Railways Pullman
R2806 The Last Single Wheeler LMS (Ex Caledonian)
R2797M The White Pullman Limited Edition Train Pack
R2951 Wrexham and Shropshire Class 67 & MK3 DVT Train Pack
R2972 Hitachi Class 395 EMU “Sir Steve Redgrave” 4 Car Unit
R2980 London 1908 – Limited Edition of 1908 *New for 2011*
R2946 BR Class 423 VEP 4 Car Unit
R2947 NSE Class 423 VEP 4 Car Unit
r8223 00 Gauge Extension Pack C TrakMat Packs and Accessory
r2822 00 Gauge Extension Pack B TrakMat Packs and Accessory
R8221 00 Gauge Extension Pack A TrakMat Packs and Accessory
R8226 00 Gauge Extension Pack F TrakMat Packs and Accessory
R8224 00 Gauge Extension Pack D TrakMat Packs and Accessory
Double Straight Track
R8225 00 Gauge Extension Pack E TrakMat Packs and Accessory
R8140 Hornby Track Plans Edition 12 2009 Publications
Single Track Level Crossing
R8227 00 Gauge Building Ext Pack A Trakmat Packs and Accessory
R8229 0 Gauge Building Ext Pack C Trakmat Packs and Accessory
R8748 Masons Arms – Pub 00 Gauge Skaledale Collection
R8539 00 Gauge Skaledale Cotswold Wall Pack No 1 Railside Collection
R561 00 Gauge Skaledale People Sitting Kits People
R1071 Town People For Railway
r8576 Hornby R8576 Garden Shed 00 Gauge Skaledale Collection
Rolling Stock
R6367 00 Gauge Coal train: 3 x EWS Open wagons Railroad Rolling Stock
R6369 00 Gauge Breakdown Crane Railroad Rolling Stock
R6366 00 Gauge Fuel Train: Shell Tanker, Texaco Tanker, Total Tanker Railroad Rolling Stock
Steam trains
R2675 00 Gauge LNER Flying Scotsman Railroad Locomotive
R350 Percy Saddle Tank 00 Gauge Electric Locomotives
R2339 00 Gauge LNER 4-6-2 A4 Class Mallard Steam Locomotive
00 Gauge Thomas & Friends Emly Electric Locomotive
Deisel Electric
R2413B Class 31 268 BR Blue AIA-AIA 1973-1985 Diesel Locomotive – DCC Ready
R2900XS Railfreight AIA-AIA Class 31 Diesel Electric Locomotive – DCC with Sound!
R2931X London Midland Class 153 Diesel Locomotive – DCC Fitted
R3057 Stobart Rail Co-Co Electric ‘Bart the Engine’ Class 92 Locomotive *New for 2011*
R3045 Gatwick Express Bo-Bo Electro Diesel ‘Dave Berry’ Class 73 202 Locomotive
R2962 Class 56 ‘Oystermouth’ Railfreight Diesel Locomotive – DCC Ready
R3045 Gatwick Express Bo-Bo Electro Diesel ‘Dave Berry’ Class 73 202 Locomotive
R2962 Class 56 ‘Oystermouth’ Railfreight Diesel Locomotive – DCC Ready

Hornby Left hand points
Hornby R3065 RailRoad BR Class 06 Shunter 00 Gauge Diesel Electric Locomotive

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