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16 Adrenaline pumping songs


1. Smells like teen spirit Nirvana Like having a hand reach down your throat and rip out your heart. The Universe stands still whilst your still beating heart goes on a day trip to the sun. Back before it's missed, it gets stuff back into your empty chest cavity as the song ends and if you look closely you wont even find a scar.

2. Ace of Spades Motorhead No pharmaceutical has yet been invented which can match the adrenaline inducing power of the ultimate thrash metal song.



3. Eye of the Tiger Survivor One of the crappest videos ever made. The song still manages to lift you up after every once of energy has been beaten out of you by another soul sucking day beneath the buzzing fluorescent light in your Dilbert cube.


4. I will survive Gloria Gaynor You don't have to be a chick or gay to get this song behind you, pushing you to the very limits of your own capability.



5. Firestarter Prodigy The singer of the Prodigy is not the kind of bloke girls would like to take home to their mum, but if you need a wake up song for the morning, set this up, turn up the volume and let it start a fire under your arse.

6. Pretty Vacant Sex Pistols The best rock song ever, until Kurt Cobain decided it was time to write a song about a deoderant. Was it the start of punk? Who cares. The raw energy flowing from Lydons mouth straight into your brain needs no logical explanation.

7. Keep on rocking in the free world Neil Young The literate, model train playing, long haired rocker can still rip it up with any of the new kids coming on the scene.



8. Hey boy, hey girl Chemical Brothers A bit of techno, or whatever sub genre of music you want to call it is good for the soul. Getting your body bouncing off the walls with hypnotic, fist smashing fury.



10. Sweet child of mine Guns n' Roses Love em loath em. The song will still grip you tight until you show evidence of life. Force fed to rats who went on to work for the CIA, repelling secret invasions from the planet ZOB.



11. She sells sanctuary The Cult Mountains, snow and the threat of smashing bones. I always think of Snowboarding when I hear this song. Aged well, I still don't know why she can't give sanctuary away for free and if she does sell it, does she take Paypal?



12. I see shapes, Idlewilde You've probably never heard of this song. Lists like these should always have a song you have never heard of. If you have heard it and don't like it, what's wrong with you? Maybe it shouldn't be on this list. But it puts me in a zone where I feel I can whittle Redwoods down to toothpicks with my pen knife.



13. What's my age again Blink 182 I wish I had this song to sing to people when I was a kid. "Act your age", my teachers would say. "But I'm ten years old, how the hell do you want me to act?", I should have retorted as I shot another spitball on to the portrait of Shakespeare.



14. Lust for life Iggy Pop This song and the film Trainspotting were made for each other and seem to have fused at the atomic level. Iggy has an explosive quality to his voice that simply wants to melt into your conscious and smash the furniture.



15. Fell in love with a girl White Stripes Go running with this on your ipod, blasting your ear drum and see if you don't speed up.



16. Raoul The Automatic Maybe another one you havn't heard of. Have they crossed the pond yet? This one is the one I have playing on my ipod when I go mountain running. Well, not mountain running exactly, more shambling up the hill to the shops.



Your favourite adrenaline, foot stomping, weight lifting, marrathon running song not on this list? Well that's because I made it and not you. Comment below with the songs you think should be on.